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Ways to keep your car wheels extra clean

It goes without saying that the wheels of your car are the part of the vehicle most likely to get really dirty and suffer from surface damage. They’re closest to the ground and in direct contact with the things that cause dirt and damage – we’re talking about gravelly road surfaces, debris, mud and puddles, and pavement ridges.

If you’re a person who doesn’t ever bother to tidy up their wheels, it will definitely be obvious. Dirty, damaged wheels don’t look great, and this is especially true if you’ve made an effort to keep on top of the rest of your car’s appearance and made sure to keep it as clean and tidy as you can. For example, if you’re regularly using a Chipex kit to repair any damage that occurs to your car’s body paintwork, but you’re still left with untidy wheels, it’s a big contrast.

You either never clean your wheels, or you’re obsessed with cleaning them!

On the other hand, you may have invested in special alloy wheels for your car. In this case, it’s likely you’re at the complete opposite end of the scale, and you’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep your wheels clean and in the best possible condition. No matter which option is closest to your reality, keeping your wheels clean and free from damage can be time consuming and difficult.

So what are the best ways to keep your wheels clean?

There is a great post on the Chipex blog that thoroughly explains how and why you should keep your car wheels clean and tidy. It has great tips on how to get the job done properly, and even recommends some of the best products you can use have the biggest impact. If you follow the instructions in the post, your wheels will be in great condition again no time at all.

Don’t let your car down – if you’re keeping the paintwork in its prime with a Chipex kit, you don’t want to ruin all that hard work with dirty, marked wheels! Keep your wheels up to date with your paintwork, and your car will be catching people’s attention for all the right reasons…