Which is the most effective way to properly wash your car?

What’s the most effective way to wash your car?

Most people have a preferred way of washing their car. If you take pride in your car’s appearance, you’ll probably have your own routine that you go through when the time  comes to clean up your car’s exterior.There are three main ways people choose to w

ash their car; either by hand (including a hosepipe), using a pressure washer, or by driving to a giant, public car wash machine. So, which way is best? There are pros and cons to each of them – here’s what you should be aware of, whether you wash your car by hand, using a pressure washer, or by taking it to a public car wash.

Pressure washing your car

Pressure washing your car takes a lot less time and a lot less physical effort from you. It’s also a very forceful way of washing your car; the pressure of the washer blasts any dirt or debris from the surface of your car quickly and will remove even stubborn stains.

While it’s quick and very forceful, pressure washing your car does sometimes lack attention to detail, so you may find you need to redo areas at times. The fact that it works so quickly also means you’re less likely to spend any extra time afterwards applying special, targeted treatments to areas of your car – a pressure wash is more of a ‘one size fits all’, super quick clean across the whole car.  That being said, lots of people swear by their pressure washer and would never trade the time it saves them for a slightly more thorough wash!

Hand washing your car

The more old school of the three options! Those of you with a higher level of attention to detail will probably prefer to hand wash your car, with the help of a hosepipe or a bucket of warm water. While it does take a lot longer, and is a lot more effort than pressure washing, this way does allow you to take care of every detail of your car, including more difficult to reach areas. This is probably the most paintwork friendly way to wash your car, as it’s far more gentle than the other options.

An extra bonus of hand washing your car is the fact that you will be able to properly apply any extra products you want to use during cleaning – maybe a wax or polish, or a tough stain remover – as you’ll have plenty of time for them to work properly.

Going to a car wash

If you’re precious about your car and how it looks, this may not be the most appealing. Public car washing machines, usually found at large supermarkets or some petrol stations, are great if your car needs a quick clean and you have no time to do it yourself. However, these machines are not particularly thorough; you’ll often find you drive away with major stains still in place, and the finished effect can often be streaky. A car wash machine like this also runs the risk of leaving your car with some damage, as it’s not exactly gentle! Plenty of people have left missing a windscreen wiper, with a dented wing mirror, or with a brand new paintwork scratch…

An extra top tip; whichever way you wash your car, it’s always best to dry your car by hand, using a soft towel like Chipex’s Microfibre cloth, to avoid the swirl marks that will occur if you leave it to just slowly dry outside in the cool air. Youwouldn’t want to undo all of the effort you put in washing as soon as you’ve finished!

Regardless of your prefered way to wash your car, make sure you always keep an eye on your paintwork, and if any damage does occur, make sure you use one of our touch up paint kits to take care of it.