Our top tips to make your old used car look almost new

Used cars be be turned into diamonds with a little bit of care and attention

Used cars often suffer from a bad reputation. The term ‘used’ generally doesn’t really do itself any favours – who wants to buy something that’s already been worn down?

However, used cars can be a goldmine of opportunity. You can find some really brilliant vehicles through second hand car dealers, and there’s so much you can then do with them. For a lot of people, finding an old model of a car that’s rarely seen nowadays is one of the great pleasures of owning a car! And finding a used car that you can then renovate and make their own is a hugely exciting process. Finding a hidden gem of a second hand car that you can really polish up and put your own spin on is a massive pleasure. You see – used cars are certainly something that you shouldn’t turn your nose up at!

So, how can you turn your used car into a car that you’ll be proud to have parked on your driveway?

When you get your car home, take a good look at it and assess the situation…

  • You might decide that it needs a full and complete car respray. If the paint is very old, chipped and faded all over the body of the car, there’s really not that much you can realistically do yourself, and a professional respray will take care of it for you. If your used car doesn’t need a full respray, it may just need a little bit of paint maintenance here and there. If that is the case, one of our Chipex car paint touch up kits will do a brilliant job of updating the old paintwork and eradicating any minor damage such as chips and scratches.
  • Once the paintwork is taken care of, you can focus on your wheels. Attaching some new wheels for your car is a brilliant way to put your own stamp on it, and inject some of your personality. You might want to keep them simple and just give your tyres a lift with some new air and a thorough clean; or you could go bigger, and add the impressive alloy wheels you’ve always dreamed about! That will really bring the whole vehicle up to date.
  • Depending on the state of your car, you may need to apply a little bit of mechanical ‘know how’ in order to get your car running exactly as you want it to – or ask a trained mechanic to take care of it for you! There are two main areas you need to focus on:

If your vehicle has been sitting around in your garage for a long time before you begin working on restoring it, you will have to replace the car battery, as these go flat within 3 months.

You should also consider replacing the brakes; during it’s time out of action, it’s likely that the car’s brake fluid corroded the brakes themselves, which means they’re not safe for you to be driving with.

  • Restoring your car’s interior is the final step. Now, the amount of work you’ll need to do in this department depends on how ‘used’ the car actually is – it may just need a really good clean to look brand new!

However, if the interior is really damaged (we’re talking about dented door handles, torn seat upholstery or a broken glove compartment) you have two options. You could either take your car to be serviced and repaired in a garage, or you could apply some DIY skills; reapplying new upholstery to any tears, fixing screws in the glove box door, treating the chipped or cracked leather of the gear stick.

No matter how ‘used’ the car is, you’ll be able to have our touch up specially mixed to match it exactly to your official car colour code and backed up with our 100% colour match guarantee. That way, you’ll have a way to fix up your second hand car yourself – and if you do notice any other minor paintwork damage further down the line, you’ll already have the perfect way of sorting it out!

To see how the kits work in action, head over to our ‘how Chipex works’ page, and if you’d like some assistance on how to find your car colour code head here. And if you would like any more information about our Chipex kit, head to our FAQ page.