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Stone Chip Repair

Stone chips will (unfortunately) be a familiar site to anyone who regularly drives on the motorway or at high speeds. When stones hit your car’s paintwork that quickly, the force they emit can do some serious damage to the smooth, shiny finish you’re used to. A stone chip can be more serious than a regular paint scratch or chip – they are deeper and a lot more obvious.

You need to repair stone chips before it’s too late

Repairing a stone chip is important, too – not just because of how they look but because they can lead to serious damage. If left unattended, water will run into stone chips and under your paintwork. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to a rust problem on your car’s framework. So, stone chip repair is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If your car has suffered a few stone chips, it’s likely you’re considering taking it to be resprayed. If this is done by a professional,you’ll probably be charged a lot of money – as well as having to deal with the stress of taking your car into a garage. These are all problems you could do without, so it would be handy if there was a way to repair stone chips yourself, at your convenience.

A Chipex kit will easily take care of stone chips

You may think that Chipex car paint touch up kits are best used on small, less obvious chips and scratches that can be taken care of quickly – they are just as effective for repairing stone chips. Using the same touch up process, you can build up as much paint coverage as you need to restore your car’s paintwork to it’s original glory; many customers have told us they could no longer notice where the chip had been after using our kit!

Using a Chipex kit, you’ll save the time and money you would have spent on stress had you not taken care of the stone chips yourself. And, while we’d all love to live in a world where our cars were free from damage, stone chips are likely to recur – you can use Chipex kit time and time again, whenever it’s necessary! As an added bonus, Chipex touch up kits will actually protect the affected area safe from air bubbles and rust forming under your paintwork, so you’re safe in the knowledge there won’t be any ongoing problems.

Stone paint chips can be a huge, recurring problem, and if you take pride in your car, they are a daily frustration. Repairing stone chips with a Chipex kit will ensure your car’s paintwork is looked after to the highest standard, while also saving you time and money.

If you’d like more information about Chipex’s car paint touch up kits, you can find it on our �how to use’ page, or purchase a kit here.