Screenwash for Cars | Chipex

Using an effective screenwash can keep your car out of trouble – and reduce your chance of paintwork damage!

Let’s face it, most of us would do anything we possibly could to make sure our cars were as safe as possible. Not only does this reduce the chance of us getting into any driving issues or accidents, it then also lowers the risk of us getting into any scrapes that could lead to paintwork damage! We know that if you have one of our Chipex touch up paint kits on hand, you’ll always be able to quickly repair those chips and scratches, but sometimes it’s best to not have to worry about getting them in the first place. And of course, a car with all the proper measures in place increases the safety of you and your passengers, which is always the most important thing.

It may not seem like it, but there are actually lots of ways you can make sure your car is as safe to drive as possible while you’re cleaning and washing it. Aside from using products that will stop your window misting, removing brake dust from your tyres and getting rid of any distracting debris from your mirrors, you also need to make sure that your windscreen is totally clear. After all, this is your window to the world while you’re driving, and you can’t take the risk of anything pulling your focus while you’re looking through the windscreen.

Using a screenwash for your car will make sure this is never the case

Taking the time to thoroughly clean your windscreen with a screenwash will make sure that absolutely nothing obscures your vision while you’re concentrating on driving. Instead of using water alone, which won’t do an in depth job, combine it with screenwash and see the difference for yourself.

Using a screenwash for your car will get rid of every last tiny detail, every spec, every mark that is getting in your way. You’ll be left with perfectly clear glass, with nothing distracting you while you’re looking through and driving. This means you’ll be able to notice everything going on around you, through your sparklingly clean windscreen – and your driving will definitely be safer.

Making this effort to use a screenwash for your car will really ensure that your car not only looks amazing but is as safe as possible for you and your passengers.