Scratch Repair Pen

What is a scratch repair pen?

There will have been a time when you’ve noticed a tiny bit of paintwork damage somewhere on your car. You know the type we’re talking about – not enough to warrant a proper paint respray or touch up, but too annoying to just leave unattended. At times like this, it can be difficult to decide what to do. Even using a Chipex kit to respray the affected area seems like too much fuss and effort for such a little mark.

Luckily, there is something that can help you out of this situation; something that will take care of your irritating problem without you going to too much bother or wasting any money. The solution is – a Scratch Repair Pen.

How does a Scratch Repair Pen work?

A Scratch Repair Pen is normally a cheap product to buy, that allows you to quickly touch up any small amounts of paintwork damage you might find on your car – like a corrector pen. You only need to use a small amount of paint to cover the damage, and it will then dry within a minute.

Are they a good investment?

A Scratch Repair Pen is definitely a good investment when it comes to repairing paintwork damage. It’s definitely the best way to take care of small amounts paintwork damage, as it’s cheap, quick, and you don’t need to concentrate as hard as if you were using a full paint touch up kit. To add to this, the higher the quality of the Scratch Repair Pen, the longer it will last – so it treats your paintwork damage, and prevents it from happening again.

Do they work on all kinds of paintwork damage?

To be blunt: no. It’s very true that Scratch Repair Pens are brilliant for minor paintwork damage, and they really are very quick and easy to use. The problem appears if you have more serious paintwork damage to contend with – anything that’s more than an annoying little scratch won’t be taken care of properly by one of these pens. If your car is suffering from stone paint chips or a case of road rash, you’ll need to use a proper touch up paint spray kit.

Additionally, there’s not as much of a colour range available for most Scratch Repair Pens – so your repair work might be more obvious and less seamless than if you were doing a full touch up respray.

So what’s the final verdict?

Scratch Repair Pens are an excellent buy, as long as you’re fully aware that their main purpose is what is said in their name – they’re great at repairing scratches and other light, minor paintwork damage. For anything more serious, they’re definitely not a good fit, and you would need to do the job properly with a paint touch up kit – such as one from Chipex.

If you think you need the proper coverage of a Chipex paint touch up kit, find out more about how they work here.