Scrape Repair | Chipex

Our car paint touch up kits are the perfect thing for scrape repairs

Picture this: your car paintwork is looking as clean and shiny as can be. You’ve spent the whole afternoon washing your car, polishing it, applying extra treatments and products to protect the paintwork, and buffing until you can see your own reflection in it. And then you notice it; a huge scrape in the paintwork, along one side of your car.

This is hugely irritating and can make you wonder why you ever bother putting in effort to look after your car! But that’s life – scrapes and other paintwork damage can occur to your car at any time, any place. It’s just a fact of driving.

You will be relieved to know that there is a simple solution to repair scrapes and other light paintwork damage, so they no longer disfigure your freshly washed car, and so you can relax.

Our car paint touch up kits are ideal for repairing scrapes in your car paintwork

Our kits work quickly and easily to completely cover up scrapes until they’re invisible. They are simple to use, so whenever you notice damage to your paintwork, you’ll know you have the ultimate way to banish them with little effort, in no time at all.

All the repair paint used in our kits is 100% colour matched to the paint your manufacturer used when your car was originally painted, so the resulting repair work is seamless and really precise; and most importantly leaves scrapes totally covered and taken care of. Simply follow the detailed instructions that will arrive with your kit, and use every tool and accessory you receive too, and that scrape will be a thing of the past!

Our specially formulated paint, combined with our 100% colour match guarantee AND our fully equipped kit will totally repair scrapes, so your car’s paintwork is back to looking its best again and you can be totally confident to show off your car cleaning abilities!

To find your own, perfectly colour matched car paint touch up kit, head over to our shop page, and you’ll never have to worry about paintwork damage again!