How to make certain your car is properly rust proofed

Don’t let rust get hold of your car’s paintwork….

There’s no way around it – rust is your car’s worst enemy. Nothing good will ever come from rust inflicting any area of your car. In the worst case scenario, it will eventually cause your car to fall apart. Even if you don’t let it get that far, rust still has a huge negative effect on the running of your car. And all this is before we’ve even mentioned how terrible it makes your car look! If rust ever did begin to afflict your poor car, look how it could end up…..

Old rusty car

Metal rusting or corroding is every car owner’s worst nightmare, and we’d probably all do anything we could to stop it coming for our car. Head to our blog to find out how to treat rust that’s already taking hold of your car, although it would be really good if your car never got to that stage in the first place! Here are the steps you need to take to rust proof your car, stop the iron reactions setting in and causing some serious damage to your car….

1. Some cars are made with built-in rustproofing

It’s worth remembering that your car body might have been treated with some kind of anti-rust chemical when it was first fitted. Many manufacturers do this – such as Audi and Volkswagen – and it sets your car up nicely before it’s even left the garage. Hopefully the anti-rust formula will take hold and protect your car’s bodywork in the long run, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a nasty surprise of rusting metal one morning.

2. Take care of your paintwork damage

This has been said time and time again, but it’s definitely worth repeating: untreated paintwork damage WILL lead to car rust. Water, tree sap and other moisture and comeuros can easily run through any chips and scratches, under the paintwork and react with the metal bodywork. Treating them (using a Chipex kit to touch up the paint is an excellent place to start) will greatly reduce the chance of this happening. If you leave paintwork damage unattended, you’re asking rust to come and ruin your car.

3. Apply an underseal

There are hundreds of products that claim to rust proof your car. While some of them work really well, many of them are useless and a waste of money. One that we think does work really well is any kind of underseal product. These can be applied to an area that is more likely to rust due to exposure to water (such as wheel arches) and dry to create a hard barrage that is really difficult for moisture to get underneath – and no moisture means no rust.

Remember, it’s always worth making every effort to rust proof your car – if you don’t, you’ll end up spending a lot more money to either replace the bodywork of your car, or buy a whole new one when yours falls apart!

Head to our ‘How Chipex Works’ page to find out more about how our kits will fix your paintwork damage and prevent rust. Let us know your car’s colour code, then we will custom mix your 100% colour matched repair paint, so you can get started on those repairs.