Road Rash | Chipex

Road rash is every car’s nemesis.

Road rash is probably the most common way car paint gets damaged. It can happen on a daily basis – any time, anywhere, no matter how you’re driving. When we say road rash, we meanthose awful, annoying clusters of paintwork damage that are caused by road debris flying up and quickly damaging your car’s paint.

Road rash is not a single, isolated event that afflicts your car, such as a stone paint chip. It comes from general driving and wear and tear, which is the most frustrating thing about it! There’s not much you can do to prevent road rash, save for never driving your car (which is obviously not an option!) Here’s why road rash is such a pain; it leaves the wheels, bumper, other paintwork areas of your car looking a total mess. The overall impression it leaves behind is one of a messy, untidy car, that’s never clean – to be honest, generally a bit of a sight for sore eyes!

One good thing about road rash is that it’s fairly superficial damage. While it certainly doesn’t leave your car looking its best, there’s no deep, long term paintwork damage. It can easily be covered up and fixed, and the best way to do this is with a Chipex kit.

How a Chipex kit clears up road rash and why that’s important

We’ve previously written on the Chipex blog about how irritating road rash really is, and how we think you should go about fixing it. Chipex car paint touch up kits are perfect for the job, as this type of minor paintwork damage is exactly what our paint was designed to cover up. You can use our kit to build up a smooth, precise finish across the damaged area – like we said, road rash usually afflicts lower areas of the car the most badly.

Unfortunately, road rash is one of those issues that will probably keep happening to your car, no matter how careful you are and how much you try to keep on top of it. That’s why having a Chipex kit is such a good idea; it means that whenever you do notice that your car is suffering from a particularly bad case of road rash, you can sort it out straight away, in your own home.

If you’d like your own Chipex kit to correct all of your car’s road rash, please tell us your car’s colour code, so we can begin to formulate your perfect paint match_.