Removing Tough Stains | Chipex

How to remove tough stains from your car paintwork

When you take pride in your car’s appearance, any kind of stains or damage are a nightmare. When you keep on top of paintwork damage using a Chipex kit, and you make an extra effort to keep your vehicle looking as clean and tidy as it can, the frustration of stains is immense. This is especially true if they’re tough stains that are very difficult to remove.

You know the kind of stains we mean; dead bugs and flies, tree sap, tar or grease from your engine. Once these stains get on to your car’s paintwork, they’re pretty stuck on and usually it takes more than just a simply, routine car washing to get rid of them. This is unfortunate, but there are definitely ways around it.

How can you get rid of tough stains on your car?

We’re sorry to say that you’re probably going to have to put in a bit more effort than you might normally to get rid of tough stains on your car. There’s an excellent post on the Chipex blog that talks you through how best to clear up these tough stains, including what products are best to use and the easiest ways to go about it. If you follow all of those great steps, you should have your car’s paintwork looking its shiny best again – and although you will have had to have put in a little bit more effort than for a regular car wash, it won’t be too taxing!

Make sure your car’s paintwork is still looking its best afterwards

Something that often worries people when it comes to tough stain removal on their cars is the idea that your car’s paintwork will be damaged. Whether that’s from the actual stain itself or the chemicals used to remove it. Hopefully the surface of your car won’t suffer from too much damage in the process of stain removal, but of course, if it is looking a little bit worn down, you can easily take care of it.

Use one of Chipex’s car paint touch up kits to easily and quickly tidy up all the remaining paintwork damage on your car. You can use it easily at home, and our colour match guarantee means that the paint finish will be completely seamless.

Don’t let tough stains blight the surface of your car – get them cleaned up and banished from your memory!