Pressure Washing your Car | Chipex

Should you pressure wash your car?

Washing your car is one of those tasks that we don’t look forward to, but that we know we have to get round to eventually! Even if you really take pride in your car’s appearance and want it to look as good as possible at all times, nobody looks forward to car washing; especially not during the Winter months, when you’re cold enough without adding chilly water and freezing metal into the mix!

The problem is, if you don’t wash your car, that’s when paintwork damage can begin to occur. If tough stains are ignored, they’ll eat away at your paintwork, and the shine of your car’s paint will dull the longer you leave each wash. Of course, you can use a Chipex kit to cover up all of that paintwork damage, but washing your car will make sure that you don’t have to replace your touch up paint too often!

One excellent way to wash your car is to pressure wash it.

What are the pros of pressure washing your car?

Pressure washing your car uses a high pressure hose pipe that cleans your car with a lot more force than if you were using a generic hosepipe or sponge. Here’s why they are so great…

It’s gentle and thorough on your car’s paintwork

The force of a pressure wash for your car will get rid of all dirt and debris on the surface straight away, so there’s no need to redo section or spend ages focusing on one particular area. Despite the force, pressure washers pose no damage to paintwork; they’ll never chip or scratch your tidy paint. They’re great at making sure your car’s paint really is as clean as possible, so there’s nothing in the way if you wanted to apply any follow up cleaning treatments to your car.

It takes a lot less effort from you

Unlike washing your car by hand, or using a hosepipe, a pressure washer is far easier to use. It’s also a lot quicker, thanks to the force, so your car will be clean in no time at all, which is perfect if it is one of those frozen Winter afternoons, or for when there’s something else you’d much rather be getting on with!

The most important thing about pressure washing your car is that it will look after your paintwork, just like one of our touch up paint kits will. Use them both together, and it will be like your car has had a makeover!