Pearlescent Car Paint | Chipex

When you need pearlescent car paint, Chipex can formulate it especially for you

If your car paint is a little bit more unique than standard, every day car paint, you’re probably extra worried about damaging it in anyway. Finding a way to cover up paint that isn’t as much of a common sight can be a bit of an issue, and so if your car is covered with this kind of paint – such as pearlescent car paint, for example – you might be driving extra carefully, and avoiding crowded car parks and busy roads! Anything to protect your pearlescent car paintwork from being chipped or scratched.

What if we told you there was a way to always ensure that any car paintwork damage could easily and quickly be covered up – even if it was pearlescent?

That’s the brilliant thing about our Chipex touch up paint (okay, we know there are lots of brilliant things about our car touch up paint!) Not only is it specially formulated to seamlessly cover up paintwork damage such as scratches, stone chips and road rash, it is also created to totally match your original car paint, no matter the colour or style.

We can formulate touch up paint to your exact requirements

The reason our repair work is so seamless and precise is down to our 100% colour match guarantee. The paint you’re using to repair your paintwork damage has been mixed specifically for your car so it will blend in completely. And how do we know it’s an exact match? Well, you tell us your car’s manufacturer colour code (the actual, official code of the paint used to originally cover your car) and we mix your paint to match it. It’s that simple. So you can always be safe in the knowledge that, no matter the style or colour of your car, your Chipex repair paint will blend in until it’s practically invisible. No one but you will know about the repairs, and you’ll be over the moon with the results.

So if you’re concerned about finding car repair paint that will be a perfect match for your original style or colour, there really is no need to be. We here at Chipex are committed to mixing you an exact match, so you can repair your car’s paintwork and having it looking its best again no time. For more information about our Chipex repair paint, please head to our FAQs page, or contact us if you’d like to know more.