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Car Paint Colors

Finding the right car paint color can be a really difficult task.

There aren’t many places that specifically cater to car paint. Most garages will have 'all purpose repair' paint, or will have basic shades of paint that they use to repair paintwork damage. Very often these will not blend at all with your original car paint color, and you’ll have a very obvious repair marking that will be noticeable to you and everyone who sees your car

The thing about car paint colors that a lot of people and garages seem to forget is that cars are rarely painted a basic shade of red, blue or green. Very often they’re a combination of a few shades, or a tonal shade of a primary color. They’re usually not matte shades; they’re pearlescent, or metallic, for example, and so stock colors will never work as repair paint.

So many people are deterred from repairing their car paintwork damage because they worry about finding the right car paint color.

People often feel that the time and effort it will take to actually find the car paint color they need is not worth it, especially if the paintwork damage is fairly minor. The stress of either applying a totally contrasting paint color to their car, or of searching through suppliers for the right color is too much to handle!

Here at Chipex, this issue was the main reason we created our car paint touch up kits. Aside from the desire to provide people with a quick and easy way to attend to their car’s paintwork damage themselves, we wanted everyone to be able to find the exact car paint color they needed. People want the color that their car was originally painted, so that any repair work will match perfectly and seamlessly; and that is exactly what we can provide.

Our 100% color match guarantee applies to all of our car repair paint. When you order your kit, simply tell us your car color code (we have a handy guide that will talk you through how to find your code) and we will custom mix your repair paint to match it exactly. that way, when you receive your kit, any repair work you carry out will completely blend in with the original surface – and if it doesn’t, send it back and we’ll mix it again.

Finding the right car paint color doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! Our custom mixed paint is matched to your manufacturer’s official requirements, so you can finally call off the search.

If you would like any more information about our kits or how they work, contact us or head over to our brilliant Chipex blog for lots of tips and advice.

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