Matte Car Paint

Matte Paint for your Car

Imagine a car. The paintwork used all over it is probably shiny, yes? That’s how it is for most cars out there on the roads – generic car manufacture paintwork leaves cars with a glossy, shiny coat that you can see your reflection in (if the driver has been keeping on top of the cleaning, that is!)

But what if your car paint is matte? This is perfectly plausible. Many brands of car do offer at least one colour-way where the paintwork has a matte effect, and it’s a popular and stylish finish to go for. In the case of matte paint, the car’s paintwork isn’t shiny or reflective, but smooth, sleek, with an almost velvety feel.

If you opted for matte paintwork for your car, you might be extra worried about incurring any damage, such as chips, bumps or scratches. While paintwork damage is an annoying problem for nearly everyone, if your car needs a more rare type of paint to correct it, it’s even more concerning – what if you can’t find it, and so aren’t able to take care of the damage?

You might love to own your own car paint touch up kit to take care of paintwork damage at home, but maybe you’re be worried that you’ll never be able to find the right matte paint to work with it. It’s definitely a legitimate concern – matte paint does sound like the kind of thing that would be very expensive and only available in specialist car shops!

With a Chipex kit, you don’t need to worry

Chipex prides itself on being able to provide any kind of paint to use in its kits. Whatever colour, brand, style or texture of car your own, we will definitely be able to provide you with the paint to take care of it. Obviously, this includes matte car paint!

Chipex can match your car paint type exactly, down to the formula. This means you can buy the right shade and texture to use with your kit, so there’ll be no embarrassing marks where your paint colour or texture suddenly changes or looks clearly different! The aim of a Chipex touch up kit is to make it so nobody can tell you’ve retouched your car paint, and you can always be certain of that – even if your car paint is matte!

You’ll never need to worry about hunting down a specialist car shop to source your matte car paint; Chipex has it ready, waiting and specially formulated for you. Take care of all those nasty chips and scratches no matter what type of paint you need!

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