How to fix a keyed car on a budget using your Chipex kit

Get rid of that nasty key damage on your car paintwork

keyed car damage

Being left with any kind of paintwork damage for your car is never a nice experience. However it’s caused, it’s a pain to see your car covered in any chips or scratches. Although, at least when the damage is caused by more common occurrences (such as road rash or stone chips) you can be comforted by the fact that these are totally random, and no one’s fault. They’re simply a downside of everyday driving.If your car has been keyed, however, that’s an entirely different matter. In this case, someone has chosen to deliberately damage your car, which is incredibly disheartening, not to mention irritating. Whatever the circumstances that have led to the incident – whether it’s a personal or random attack – there’s no excuse for that behaviour, and it will have a serious effect on how your car paintwork looks.

A keyed car means major car paint damage – those who choose to take the action of keying a car likely don’t understand what they’re inflicting on the paint. A key scratch will create a deep marking that is difficult to cover. On top of the personal disappointment of a person keying your car, you’ll also have to live with the evidence staring you in the face every day, as repairing keyed car damage takes time and effort.

It can seem like the markings from key damage will last forever

The scratches that are a result of your car being keyed are more difficult to hide than ordinary types of paintwork damage – as they’re generally deep and take up a lot of space on your car’s surface, they take a bit more effort to cover up. There is a common belief that keyed car repair can only be done by a professional. Obviously if they are VERY bad key markings, you might need to enlist some professional help to completely eradicate the damage.

You can make keyed car paint damage disappear with the help of a Chipex kit

You can repair your car paintwork key damage with your Chipex kit by following the same process as you would for any other type of chip or scratch. For deep and very obvious key markings, you may need to build up a few more layers of repair paint than for regular paintwork damage, and then you’ll have it patched up and looking back to it’s best before you know it.When you own a Chipex car touch up kit, you can take care of key damage at home, in your own time. Chipex’s paint and process is effective at covering up any kind of paintwork damage – and you’d probably like to have the evidence of key paintwork damage removed as soon as possible. A Chipex kit will allow you to take care of the issue as soon as it’s happened. Don’t wait around for a third party to find the time to fit you in – take matters into your own hands.

At Chipex you can find your 100% colour matched repair paint, which you’ll then use with the equipment in your kit to cover up that nasty key damage. Once you’ve built up a few layers of paint, no one will know what damage occurred and you can finally forget about it too. If you would like to find out more information about our Chipex kits and how they can help you repair key damage or any other type of car paintwork damage, please head to our FAQ page