How to paint the most difficult areas of your car’s frame

How should you repair paintwork damage on difficult areas of your car?

Car wing mirror

One of the most annoying things about car paintwork damage is that fact that it can happen to any area of your car at any time. Although you might imagine that the lower areas of the car, closer to the ground, would be the prime location for chips and markings (and that is definitely the case for road rash) the truth is that any area of your car is prone to damage.There are some areas of your car that get damaged, and that you might then imagine will be really difficult to repair with car paint. For example, areas such as wing mirrors and your windscreen frame – these areas may well have their paintwork affected,  but they seem like they might be too small, narrow or fiddly to repair properly.

Some of the most common areas that are generally considered too tricky to repair with a Chipex kit are…

  • Windscreen frame

hese thin areas of metal could be tricky to navigate with a large brush, and it seems as though delicate, untraceable paintwork repair is impossible.

  • Wheel arches

Just like bumper paint repair, any part of your car that’s nearer to the road is automatically in the firing line for paintwork damage. Wheel arches are an shape to paint, and this apparently difficult paintwork repair can turn people away from the job.

  • Wing mirrors

Unfortunately, we’ve all had moments when our wing mirrors have had to bare the brunt of a tight parking space or a sharp corner! Due to the curved shape and unstable base of the wing mirror, we’re likely to dismiss this as too difficult to repair

  • Door handles

The underside of the door handle is a tight spot that could require lots of focus to repair properly – which is probably why it’s right at the bottom of the priority list for most people.

That’s where one of our car paint touch up kits comes in

Car door handle

There are lots of brilliant things about our kits and how they repair and protect your car, and one of them is the fact that you can use the paint on any area of your car, no matter how difficult it may seem at first.

All you need to do is follow the instructions that arrive with our kit (they can also be found on our ‘How Chipex Works’ page) and you’ll be left with smooth repair paint that totally covers up the previous damage. It’s no different to applying our repair paint to a more obvious area like the bonnet or bumper; we promise it’s not scary!

And as our paint is 100% colour matched to match the paint originally used by your manufacturer, it will be a perfect match. No one will ever be able to tell your car has needed repair paint, difficult area or not!

Our kits are the ideal solution for paintwork damage on every area of your car

So, if you’re car is suffering from paintwork damage, no matter what the area or how difficult you think it will be to repair, our kits will be there for you! To find your perfect, totally colour matched repair paint, tell us your car’s colour code, and if you need anymore information about our kits, you can find our FAQs here.