Demisting a Car | Chipex

At this time of year, demisting your car is a daily task_

When the early mornings start to get colder and darker, it’s likely that you’re in a daily battle with your car’s windscreen. Every morning when you sit down in your car ready for the drive to work, you’ll have to spend some time waiting for the windscreen to demist so it’s safe enough to drive. In fact, it’s likely that some people have actually factored this waiting time into their morning routine!

Nobody likes having to wait around in a cold car first thing in the morning, so it’s good to know the best ways to quickly and easily demist your car. That way, you can get it sorted as soon as possible and start every day in a warm, safe to drive car.

How do cars become misty in the first place?

When car windscreens get so demisted you can’t see out of them, it’s a problem. It occurs in the colder months of the year when cold air reacts with the cold glass to form a thin layer of water across the window – this is themist’ you can see that’s blocking your view. It’s very frustrating and unfortunately, there’s not a huge amount you can do about it.

How can I stop cars from demisting?

The way most people take care of their cars misting up is by turning on your car’s heating, then waiting for the temperature to regulate enough that the mist disappears. This is one of the most effective ways to make sure that it gets done – turn your heating up to a high temperature and ensure that it’s pointing towards the windscreen. This will gradually (the speed will depend on the power and heat of your system) clear away all of the mist, leaving your windscreen clear.

Some cars will have a specialised heating and cooling system that has an officialdemisting’ setting – if this is the case, lucky you! Make the most of it, as it will heat up your car quickly and get rid of the mist very quickly. Otherwise, adjust your heating settings until you have the most effective system, which hopefully won’t take too long to clear your windscreen.

Demisting your car is a very frustrating, every day task, but it’s vitally important that you make sure your screen is cleared – it’s illegal to drive without your vision being impeded in anyway, and it’s certainly not worth the risk of not being able to see properly. make the effort, so you can drive safely and won’t have any difficulty driving to your destination. There’ll be a far lower risk of damage, but in the event you do ever need to repair your paintwork, you know a Chipex kit is the best option.