Custom Car Paint

Chipex for Custom Car Paint

There are lots of brilliant things about Chipex’s car paint touch up kits. They allow you to save time and money, they let you do the job so you don’t have to rely on someone else, and they mean that you have a way to touch up your car as soon as you notice damage.

We think that one of the MOST brilliant things about a Chipex kit, though, is that we can match the paint to any and every colour out there. Whatever colour car you’ve chosen, whether that’s classic black or zany yellow, you can find the paint match at Chipex.

However, there are times when some potential Chipex users get worried that they won’t be able to use a touch up kit to work on their car. This is because they own a custom car, with custom paint, and they think they won’t be able to find their bespoke colour in our range.

Having custom car paint doesn’t ever need to be an issue – whatever colour your paintwork, no matter how precise, Chipex can match it exactly, and provide you with the perfect paint for your touch up kit!

How do I know what colour my custom paint is?

One of the only issues about having custom car paint is that you might not know what the exact colour of your car is. It’s not like generic car paint, where you can easily find your colour code – in some cases you could even look on the manufacturer’s website and easily find the code! Custom car paint is a bit more difficult to label.

Don’t panic – there are a few ways you could find out what colour you’re after. It will probably tell you on any documentation you have about your car, such as the invoice. If you can’t find it in any of these places, you could always contact the garage who took care of your custom car, and they’ll know the exact shade you need to work with.

What can Chipex do then?

Once you’ve found out your colour code, Chipex can mix you some paint to match it perfectly. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most specific colour in the world, we’ll be able to get the replacement paint to you. It’s what we specialise in – we’d never forgive ourselves if we couldn’t provide you with exactly what you need to take care of your beloved car!

Chipex will provide you with paint matched to your custom colour, and then the rest is up to you! Use the paint with your Chipex touch up kit to take care of any and all paintwork damage on your car. Chips, scratches, markings – whatever the issue, a Chipex kit with your custom paint included will see them off!