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Car upholstery cleaning is a job that can have a massive positive effect on the appearance of your car

Cleaning car upholstery can seem like one of those tasks that, in the grand scheme of car maintenance, is very low down the list. Once you’ve taken care of the more obvious things. that have a bigger impact on your car’s appearance – we’re talking about paintwork, wheels, windscreen, even hoovering the interior carpet – having the time, energy or inclination to clean or polish anything else is a bit of a struggle. Unless you’re really obsessed with the appearance and presentation of your car, taking care of the bare minimum feels like enough effort to go through!

Cleaning or repairing other areas of your car can also just seem like a lot of effort and time. When you’ve seen how easily you can repair paintwork damage with your Chipex kit, the idea of sorting out anything can fill you with dread – nothing else will ever be that easy! However, there are some more difficult areas of your car that need looking after, no matter how much you hate to admit it – without some care and attention, they can really let down the overall look and atmosphere of your car. And if you’re someone who takes pride in their car, making the extra effort will really pay off.

One area where this is definitely the case is when it comes to cleaning car upholstery.

Cleaning your car upholstery is a job that no one looks forward to and that we all think we can get away with not doing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is not the case! When you sit in your car everyday, it’s more difficult for you to notice that your car upholstery needs to be cleaned; but just think of all of the dust, dirt and germs that transfer from you, your passengers and the air around you into the material every day. When your car doesn’t have leather seats, this can all stick around in the material for a lot longer – and it’s just a shame that this also makes it a little harder to clean.

Dirty car upholstery is not good for anyone’s health, it looks dingy and old, and it can begin to smell. So how can you begin to go about cleaning it?

As it can be quite a long process, there is an in depth, step by step guide over on the Chipex blog. This brilliant guide will talk you through the best products for car upholstery cleaning, how to begin the process and how to keep on top of cleaning your seats. If you know you need to get started on your car upholstery cleaning but aren’t sure where to begin, our guide will really, really help.

Although it may seem like a lot of effort and fuss, we promise cleaning your car upholstery will be worth it! Once you’ve seen the difference it makes to the overall appearance of your car, you will understand its importance, and you’ll never let it reduce back to its dirty state ever again!

For more information and guides about keeping your car looking its best, head over to our Chipex blog – and if you’d like to order your own, custom mixed Chipex kit, head to our Shop.