Car Spraying | Chipex

Confused about how our Chipex car paint touch up kits work? It’s even better than getting your car sprayed!

Our Chipex kits are life savers. If you take pride in your car’s appearance and always want it to look its absolute best, it’s here for you. If you’d like a quick and simple way to sort out your car’s paintwork damage, it’s the perfect solution. If you’d like to make sure that you can repair your car’s damage with a paint that exactly matches your original, our 100% colour match guarantee will take care of everything. Using our Chipex kit really is the answer to all of your car paintwork needs!

People often seem to be slightly confused about how our kits actually work. How can they give such a smooth, professional looking coverage to paintwork damage in your own home? Well, the answer might have something to do with the fact that our kits include the most delicate Microfibre brushes, along with a specially formulated blending solution to cover up the damage. People often compare this to the car spraying technique used by professional garages and car shops, and wonder how our kit can match up; but it really, really does!

Car spraying leaves behind a superior finish to your paintwork repair – and so do our Chipex kits

If your car suffered from paintwork damage, and you took it to be professionally be repaired, they would more than likely spray your car to cover up the issue. And remember, manufacturers use a car spraying technique to initially paint cars in a factory. This is for a reason; spraying a car with paint leaves behind an almost airbrushed look, that’s totally smooth and that blends in with the surface of your car.

That being said, car spraying is often very expensive and time consuming; and you could use our Chipex kit to get the job done at home. It may not be car spraying, but our technique is just as effective.

We think the secret is in our blending solution, which arrives as part of your kit, and which you use to ensure the paint has completely, seamlessly blended in with your original paint, leaving behind no obvious markings or lines; exactly as car spraying would. Then you can use the extra soft Microfibre brushes to tidy up any minor runs or drips, again fully hiding away the evidence or repairs.

If you need the excellent coverage of car paint spraying without the price tag or time wasting, one of our Chipex kits is exactly what you need! Head to our shop to choose your own, and visit our FAQ page if you have any more questions_.