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Car shampoo to treat your car properly

If you’re washing your car at home (which we definitely think is something you should consider!) you’ll need to make sure that you’re using the right products. One of the most important for you to consider is what car shampoo you use, as this will be used on every area of your car – so it needs to be top quality.

There’s a really great guide over on the Chipex blog that goes into a lot of detail about the different types of car shampoo and the effect they can have on your car’s paintwork. You should certainly give that a read if you’re looking for a new car shampoo to buy, but in the meantime, here are some tips about car shampoo and what it can do to your car if you get it wrong_

Car shampoo has a bigger impact on your car than you might imagine

First of all, you should definitely be using some form of shampoo when you’re hand washing your car – if you’re simply using water, that will barely clean your car’s surface!

Secondly, don’t think it’s okay to simply use washing up liquid, or whatever other cleaning products you have lying around the house. These were not designed to be used on car’s paintwork, and they can have a really detrimental effect if you do use them, causing the car paint to fade and even chip away. While this isn’t terrible news if you own a Chipex car paint touch up kit, it’s definitely one stress you could do without.

Using a proper car shampoo means that you can wash your car thoroughly without any worry about causing further damage to any area of your car. They need to be able to work well on your car’s paint, windscreen, wheels – because while you might have specialised products to use on each area, it’s likely that you just want one product that can be used every to make your life easier.

Our blog post on car shampoo gives you a full rundown on which shampoos work well, and we hope that once you’ve taken on board all of our advice, you’ll be confident to wash your car at home without causing anymore paintwork damage!