How to use your Chipex kit to restore scuffs to car paint

Car paintwork scuffs irritating you? It’s easy to get rid of them…

VW Polo before Chipex touch up paint

When it comes to car paintwork damage, even the slightest marking can be enough to catch your eye and really irritate you! When people imagine car paintwork damage, they probably often think of a huge, bright orange patch of rust on the bonnet, or of a scrape that has ripped the lovely paint clean off one side of the vehicle. In reality, car paintwork damage is usually a lot more minor than this – although that really doesn’t reduce how much it will annoy you once you spot it!In fact, one of the most common types of paintwork damage is actually car scuffs. it’s easy to see why a lot of drivers and cars suffer from car scuffs; if your car has an obvious scrape, scratch or chip, it’s usually because of an accident or collision, no matter how small it may be. However, a car scuff is far less serious, as it usually refers to a light, small marking on your paintwork damage, or even a dull area of paint. Car scuffs can happen far more easily – even from someone accidently knocking some heavy luggage against your car.

Car scuff repair is probably the most popular type of paintwork damage you’ll come up against

As it can occur from even the most innocent, everyday situations, it’s likely that your car is suffering from a few scuffs. And while they’re certainly not the end of the world, they can get annoying, and they might start to be the only thing you can focus on when you look at your car – especially if you take pride in the way it looks.

A Chipex car paint touch up kit can take care of every kind of paintwork damage – including car scuff repair

Car scuff repair is really not worth involving a professional to take care of. It will cost you a lot of both time and money to fix something that is incredibly minor and that won’t have a huge, immediately noticeable effect on the look of your car. For that reason, it is a lot better to use our Chipex car paint touch up kit to repair car scuffs in your own home, on your own time.

Car scuffs are the type of minor paintwork damage that Chipex kits work brilliantly for, and they are incredibly easy to banish from sight. Our kits use repair paint that has been 100% colour matched paint to match your original car paint, to seamlessly repair car scuffs (and any other minor paintwork damage you spot). This means any markings are completely covered and invisible to the point where you’ll never notice it anymore, and your car paint will be looking tip top once again.

If you would like to find out more information about our touch up paint kits and how they can repair car scuffs, please head to our FAQ page, and head here to find out more about how to find your car’s colour code for your exactly matched repair paint.