Car Respray Cost

Is it worth getting your car resprayed?

If you’re faced with any kind of chip, scratch or markings on your car’s paintwork, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. Either you can pretend to ignore it (don’t do this – it will get worse and lead to rust!), you can respray it or you can use a kit from Chipex to DIY the job.

Assuming you’ve been smart enough to disregard the first option, that leaves you having to choose between paying a professional or carrying out the work yourself with a touch up kit. It can be difficult to decide which is the best option, and there can often be some ambiguity about whether or not a full car respray is needed. Different types of paintwork damage require different treatments. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of respraying and touching up your car, which will hopefully help you decide which course of action is best for you.

Car Respraying

  • If your car is suffering from serious paintwork damage, having it professionally resprayed is the best option. If your car has been involved in a minor accident or been involved in anout of the ordinary’ incident and the paintwork has suffered badly, the damage will often be deep and will cover a large area. This will be time consuming to deal with yourself, and a professional car respray will also be able to cover up deep, entrenched scratches more effectively.

  • If you find that you’re often having to deal with car paint chips and scratches (don’t worry, no one’s judging your driving here!), it might best to treat them with a one off car respray. Often, a professional job will also condition the paint, making it stronger and less prone to damage. If chips and scratches are a recurring problem, this is a good idea, and will save you time and money in the long run.

  • HOWEVER – a professional respray of your car can be really costly. Also, it can be time consuming – you’ll have to drive your car to and from a garage, and in some cases, it may even have to stay there overnight. This is really inconvenient, and often, a car respray is not worth the stress.

Touch Up Kits

  • �Do It Yourself’ touch up kits, such as those offered by Chipex, are ideal for small, more common chips and scratches. They are an excellent way to deal with more minor paintwork damage that can occur on a daily basis

  • A Chipex touch up kit will save you money – this is obvious, as you won’t be paying anyone to take care of the problem for you, and Chipex kits are very reasonably priced

  • Touch up kits are far more time efficient, as you can use them in your own home, on your own time. Touch up kits also mean you can act immediately, and fix the problem as soon as you notice it – you won’t have to wait for it to get worse or more annoying!

  • There’s no need to rely on a third party. If you use a touch up kit, you are solely responsible for the treatment of your car, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the work being carried out by anyone else.

  • HOWEVER – touch up kits aren’t as effective at dealing with major paintwork damage. If you have serious, large or deep chips and scratches on your car, it will take a lot of effort from a touch up kit for the paint to return to a presentable state. A professional car respray would be more effective in this case.

We hope now you have a more clear idea about which type of treatment is best for your car’s paintwork. In most cases, a Chipex touch up kit will be the most effective and efficient solution – unless there has been some serious damage, it’s more than able to have your car looking its best again!