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When your car is suffering from paintwork damage, finding the right repair car paint in UK could take you a long time…

Here in the UK, it’s pretty common to be able to take your car to a garage or car shop and have it professionally resprayed with car paint. perhaps if you’ve owned your car for a few years, it’s an old model, or it’s been involved in a collision or a serious accident, it will need to have a large area of its body paintwork repainted and tidied up. if you do ever find yourself in this situation, you know you’ll have lots of options about where to go for this service.

What about if the paintwork damage your car is suffering with is more minor? Perhaps it’s been lightly scraped, scuffed, or lost out at the hands of a stone chip; in all of these cases, your car paint work will be looking less than perfect and you’ll be looking for car paint in the UK that can effectively sort out your problem.

Of course, you could head to a garage or a professional UK car paint shop. However, this is often both time consuming and very expensive, and it can seem like a lot of effort and expense to go to for the sake of some minor paintwork damage. while this type of damage is very annoying, it’s usually only noticed by you, so spending a small fortune seems excessive!

One of our car paint touch up kits is the ideal solution to your dilemma

Instead of scouring the country for UK car paint, place your order for your ideal, custom mixed paint when you purchase your touch up kit from us here at Chipex. It’s the perfect situation; car paint that has been specifically formulated to your exact requirements that will totally match your original car surface, alongside our handy kit that means you can address minor paintwork damage as soon as you spot it. no need to think about heading off to a garage or a professional paint shop – the perfect paint repair, whenever you need it, for a fraction of the cost

So there really is no need to ever search for car paint in the UK ever again!

Click here to see how Chipex works and how you should apply it to your car, and if you need any more information about our kits or our car paint, please contact us!