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Finding car paint suppliers can be a really difficult task – so avoid the issue with your custom mixed Chipex kit

Until you’ve actually been in the position where you need to find a car paint supplier, you probably don’t realise what a mammoth task it can be! Tracking down a car paint supplier who can exactly match their stock to the colour of your original car paint is a struggle, and sometimes it can feel like it’s not worth the effort it takes. So, when you notice paintwork damage on your beloved car, you may feel like there is no point looking for a way to repair it and have it looking as good as new once again; you probably feel as though you’ll never find the car paint supplier to be able to help you with the job.

Why might you need to find the right car paint supplier?

If you notice that your car is suffering from minor paintwork damage (small enough for you to begrudge taking your car to a garage for a full, professional respray) you might be on the lookout for a car paint supplier who can provide the paint you need to take care of the issue yourself. However, as we’ve discussed, that’s easier said than done, and so many people decide it’s easier to just leave their paintwork damage unattended. Take it from us – don’t do this! It will lead to further, more serious damage; in the worst case scenario, your car can rust.

You can call off the search for a car paint supplier – here at Chipex, we are more than happy to fill the role!

Chipex can take care of all your car paint supplier needs with our 100% colour match guarantee

Here at Chipex, the thing we pride ourselves on the most is probably our car paint colour match guarantee. It means that when you order your Chipex car paint touch up kit, to take care of your minor paintwork damage, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you have the exact colour paint you need to match the original colour. That means your paintwork can finally be fixed – and the colour match will be so precise, no one will ever know the difference between that and the original. We custom mix every order of paint to exactly match your requirements, and we’re proud to be taking over the mantle of car paint suppliers and helping you with your car paintwork needs!

Find out more about how Chipex works here, and if you would like any more information about our kits, our paint, or our company, please contact us.