How to do car paintwork restoration on a budget with Chipex

Car paint restoration certainly isn’t as intimidating as it might sound

People often seem to think that car paint restoration is a hugely difficult task, and of course, as with most things in life, it all depends on how much effort you want to put into it. Obviously, if you are trying to restore car paint for the entire body of a very old, run down model of used car, that will obviously take up a lot of your time – in fact, that will probably become a long, ongoing project, or you will need to have some professional assistance to complete it quickly.It doesn’t have to be that way – car paint restoration can actually be very simple

Seat before and after

Car paint restoration can also mean restoring even the smallest paintwork chips and scratches to their former glory. If you are in any way restoring car paint from a bad state to a more appealing one, then you are definitely taking on some restoration. We promise, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task – and instead of spending a fortune at a professional garage, you can restore your car paint on a budget with a Chipex car paint touch up kit.

Here’s how you can use your Chipex kit to restore your car paint

  1. First, tell us your car’s colour code, so that we can specially mix repair paint that perfectly matches the original paint you’ll be working with.

  2. Make sure the car scuff you’re repairing is as clean as possible – that there is no dirt or debris sitting on the surface. The surface needs to be as smooth as possible in order for the repair work to be seamless.

  3. Apply the repair paint to the necessary area, exactly following the instructions you receive in your kit. You’ll find that as car scuffs generally aren’t deep, the repair paint covers them brilliantly, and it won’t take too much to completely cover it.

  4. Use our blending solution to make sure the new paint has seamlessly mixed in with its surroundings, so the repair is invisible.

  5. Wait for the new paint to completely dry so that it does not smudge, then review your handiwork; if you didn’t know any better, you’d never know the paint scuff had existed!

Here at Chipex, we created our car paint touch up kits with the ultimate goal of anybody, anywhere being able to quickly and easily restore car paint if it’s looking less than perfect. The moment you notice any chips or scratches in your car surface paint, you will have everything you need right there in your kit, ready to take care of the issue straight away. Our kits are so simple to use; you’ll be amazed anyone ever takes their car to a professional for this kind of car paint restoration when they could do it themselves in next to no time, for a much smaller price tag. We told you restoring car paint didn’t have to be difficult – we’re all about making it as easy as possible!

If you would like to find your ideal, 100% colour matched touch up paint, to use with your Chipex kit for car paint restoration, head to our ‘how to find your colour code‘ page for full instructions. And if you need any more advice or tips on how to use your kit, or on how they work please head to our FAQ page.