Car Leather Repair | Chipex

Keep your car seats as pristine as your paintwork!

When your car paint is looking as fresh, clean and tidy as possible (thanks to your trusty Chipex kit) it feels as though your car is looking the best it ever has. And from the outside, it probably is; when paint chips are properly covered and the paintwork is gleaming, you’ll feel seriously proud to be driving your car around for everyone to see.

The only problem is that very often, the interior of your car definitely does not match this high standard. Your car interior could be in need to a proper clean; we mean vacuuming, polishing the dashboard and making sure all of the debris from everyday life is safely out of the way. This will probably smarten up your car interior a little bit, but what happens if your car has leather seats? No matter how clean and tidy you keep your car, over time the quality of leather seats will start to decline. This can have a massive effect on how your car looks, and if you want to make sure passengers in your car will always be impressed, you need to know about car leather repair.

So, how can you repair car leather?

It’s one life’s little annoyances that car leather needs lots of care and attention to really maintain its impressive and stylish look. For many of us, a car just wouldn’t be complete without a sleek leather interior; and many of us forget the upkeep that’s needed to make sure that feeling is maintained.

There is a brilliant, in depth article over on the Chipex blog, that has lots of really practical through advice and tips on how to keep your car leather in prime condition, and repair any damage that has afflicted it. You should absolutely give it a read if you’re at the end of your tether when it comes to your leather seats – you’ll be able to have them looking and feeling back to their best in no time at all.

The main tips to follow when it comes to car leather repair are actually fairly simple:

  • Try and keep the leather out of the sun. Nothing spoils pristine leather like glaring, direct sunlight! If you can keep a cover over your windscreen to block out sunlight, make sure you park in a garage, or at least try and park your car in the shade, you’ll be doing that leather interior a massive favour.

  • Keep the leather clean. All types of car interior should be kept clean and tidy. but this is especially true for leather seats. Bacteria can erode the leather material, causing it to look dull and feel scratchy – definitely not what you want!

  • Treat the leather. Leather needs to be looked after to last well, and that’s why you do need to occasionally use a proper leather treatment to protect and repair the car leather.

Don’t let your car’s interior let down all the hard work your Chipex kit has done to keep your car looking its best! Repair your car leather, and you’ll always feel proud to welcome passengers into your car.