What is the best way to repair damaged car lacquer?

What’s the best way to repair damaged car lacquer?

There’s a difference between car paintwork needed to be repaired and car lacquer needing to be repaired. Car paintwork damage, while annoying, can be taken care of fairly easily and quickly – all you need is a paint touch up kit from Chipex and you’re good to go. Car lacquer damage is a little bit more tricky to take care of…

Car lacquer is the (usually) clear layer applied on top of car paint by manufacturers, to give it a high gloss appearance and protect the paintwork. Over time it can become dull, and even start to peel off. This doesn’t make your car look great, and it will make damage to your paintwork even more likely to happen without this layer of protection.

What is the easiest way to repair damaged car lacquer?

There are a few more steps involved in the process of repairing damaged car lacquer – but it’s definitely still achievable, and you can still take care of it yourself. Here are our top tips for you to keep in mind throughout the process…

  • The most common problem that comes into the frame of car lacquer damage is that it begins to peel off over time, leaving the paint and the framework underneath vulnerable to even more damage.

  • You can use a Chipex car paint touch up kit to repair lacquer damage, but you need to make sure that the surface you’re dealing with is fully prepared before you begin. Trying to stop the lacquer peeling further could be a bit of a vicious circle – often as soon as you try to create a smooth base, you end up peeling off even more lacquer!

  • So while it’s very important to have a smooth, seamless base, you need to be extra careful that you’re not making the problem worse – the larger the area of damage gets, the more likely you’ll have to give up doing it yourself and take it to be professionally resprayed. A good idea would be to gently sand the edges of the peeling lacquer, to smooth it down without peeling further.

  • Once this is done, you’re set to carry out the familiar Chipex process, as you would for any other type of touch up painting. Use a lacquer paint (which Chipex can of course supply!) and carefully follow the steps until you have repaired the damaged area.

When you’re finished, you will be left with smooth, shiny and properly treated car lacquer, that is also conditioned to protect against rust and not chip again the future!

If you would like to find out more about exactly how to use your Chipex kit to repair car lacquer or any type of paintwork damage, head to our How Chipex Works page, or check out our FAQs for for information and advice.