The ultimate guide to cleaning your car’s interior

If you care about your car’s exterior, you should pay attention to the interior, too!

Keeping your car’s exterior paintwork looking as fresh and tidy as possible is what we’re all about here at Chipex. You know that if your car is suffering from scrapes, chips or other minor markings, your first port of call should always be one of our specially mixed and colour matched touch up paint kits; they’ll have any paintwork damage totally covered up in no time at all. And so your car’s exterior will be looking as good as new, and totally taken care of.

So what about your car’s interior? Many people appear to neglect this area; it certainly could be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’! People aren’t as likely to see the interio

r of your car (whereas seeing the outside is unavoidable) so perhaps that’s why we all feel more comfortable to let our car seats, footwells and boot fall into a slightly less pristine state!

If you are invested in your car paintwork appearance, you should also pay at least a little bit of care and attention to the inside too. After all, if you do ever have to give anyone a lift in your car, it would be great not to feel embarrassed by the state of your seats!

What do you need to keep in mind when you’re cleaning your car interior?

For lots more detailed advice on cleaning your car interior, you really should head over to our Chipex blog, where we have lots of great, in depth articles on how to clean specific areas of your car interior, and how to keep them in the best condition possible. Some of our favourites include this great article on keeping leather seats looking great and feeling soft, and this article on how to banish any unwanted smells from your car. They’re really helpful and a great starting point if you’re not sure how to go about the cleaning!

In the meantime, here are what we think are the most important areas of your car interior to focus on cleaning; if you don’t have time for everything, pick one of these to get on the right track!

1. Car boot and footwells

These are very important areas of your car interior to clean, as they’re usually lined with carpet, which is where smells tend to hang around. Make sure they’re hoovered, and if they’re in a really bad state maybe use a carpet cleaner to get them back looking ship shape, and to have your car smelling fresh.

2. Dashboard

If your dashboard, glove compartment and steering wheel are dusty or stained, anyone who sits in your passenger seat will have an up close and personal vantage point; not the best impression to give off! Make sure that this area of your car has been cleaned and polished so it won’t offend any passengers – start by dusting with a damp microfibre cloth to pick up all the dust and grime, and dry with a soft waffle towel, to ensure no water marks remain behind.

4. Seats (upholstery or leather)

Whatever material your car’s seats are made from, they need attention. We would recommend always keeping a fabric freshener spray handy to quickly give a burst of new life to your seating, although if you’ve had animals or anything particularly dirty sitting in the back seats of your car, you will need a special cleaner to treat them. For leather seats, use a specific leather brush to make sure scrubbing doesn’t damage the material alongside any all purpose seating cleaner. If you need to clean upholstery, vacuuming will give you a great base to work from, and then gently scrub stains with an all purpose cleaner; just be careful not to use too much water that will leave a huge wet mark for the next few days.

Showing your car paintwork love with one of our car paint touch up kits is all well and good, but remember to always spare a thought for the interior too! And make sure to head over to our Chipex blog for lots of advice and guidance on how best to clean car interiors.