Use our car detailing tips to make your car look pristine

The ultimate guide for detailing your car to perfection

car interior cleaning

Detailing your car is one of those things about owning a car that you either love or hate. If you’re really invested or interested in cars and how they look, it’s probably a process that you’re really looking forward to! The chance tospend time fixing, adjusting and just generally making your car look as amazing as possible – what could be better!

Why should you detail your car?

The most popular reason for having to detail your car is if you’re planning on selling it. You’ll want your vehicle to be in tip top condition before you begin to show it to prospective buyers, and detailing is the best way to make sure that every last detail is taken care of. Of course, you might have left all of your car maintenance tasks so they’re ready to take care of in one go, and now need to take care of a lot of issues in one go!

Follow these tips to detail your car and when you’re finished, you may not even recognise your car!

1. Wash. The first thing you need to do is properly wash your car – give it the clean of its life. However you choose to wash your car (by hand or with a pressure washer), take some extra time to use a car shampoo that will cut through every last trace of dirt and grime, and don’t miss a spot. Doors, bonnet, boot, windows, wheels…when you’re finished your car will be gleaming with new found cleanliness it hasn’t known for a long time.

2. Paintwork repair. When your car has been freshly washed, it’s the perfect time to take care of any paintwork damage you’ve noticed. Use your Chipex kit to cover up any scrapes, chips or road rash; when you’ve just got rid of any debris and your car’s surface is totally clean and smooth, you’ll get the best possible results out of your repair paint. After you’ve done this, your car will be looking clean and tidy, with impressive refreshed paintwork.

3. Treatments. Now is your opportunity to show your car the extra attention it never normally receives. Take the time to apply any extra treatments you think are necessary; tough stain remover to any stubborn marks that are lingering, targeted wheel cleaner to remove the beginnings of any rust, special glass cleaner to leave windows and mirrors sparkling.

4. Polish. Apply a polish to all of your car’s paintwork to really show off its fresh repairs. There’s nothing more appealing to potential car buyers than a gleaming car, and it looks incredibly professional.

5. Protection. There’s no point putting in all this work to make your car look fantastic if it’s going to all disappear within a few weeks. Add a protective sealant or spray to your car’s surface to make sure that it stays looking clean and tidy even if it’s been out on the road again.

How can Chipex help with car detailing?

Chipex car paint touch up kits are designed to make car paint repairs incredibly easy; and as this is one area that often needs to be taken care of when it comes to car detailing, it can help you out a lot! If your car paintwork does need some care and attention, you can save a lot of money by taking care of the problem yourself with a Chipex kit, rather than heading into a professional body shop. And our kits will leave your paintwork with a seamless finish; chips and scratches will be a thing of the past, and a huge part of the car detailing process will be done and dusted.

If you would like to know about some great ways to keep your car looking as great as possible, head to our Chipex blog for in depth articles and guides. And if you would like any further information about our kits or how they work, please head to our FAQ page.