How to take care of a car dent and hide the evidence

Car dent repair doesn’t always have to mean a trip to the garage…

However, not all bumps and dents to your car have to be these major events. We’re probably all familiar with the far more minor collisions that, unfortunately, can be a part of everyday driving. In fact, it doesn’t even have to a collision to do it. These types of car dents can happen at any time, any where; from a neighbouring car door in a car park, to an errant cyclist, to a passerby with a bulky piece of luggage. Unless you keep your car in your garage, wrapped up in cotton wool, there’s always a chance that a dent might happen to it.If your car suffers from a major dent, you know immediately what to do. You’ll know that the best plan of action is to take it to your local garage or bodyshop to be repaired and restored to its original state.

There are ways you can repair the damage from the car dent yourself

Obviously, if the car dent in question is large, deep and incredibly noticeable, there is no home fix that’s going to sort out the problem. If you find yourself in that position, it’s certainly not a ‘minor’ dent, and only a professional solution will do. However, if the dent in question is one of the aforementioned smaller dents, caused by something with far less strength and force, there is something you can do to take the focus away from how it bad it looks.

If the car dent your faced with is very small, something that is more of an irritation than an eyesore, and something that is inflicted on the paintwork rather than the framework of the car, use a Chipex car paint touch up kit to repair it.

One of our kits (including paint that has been specially formulated to blend in perfectly with your original paint) will totally take repair the paintwork element of your car dent. Follow the instructions, apply it to the affected area, and in next to no time the paintwork will be once again totally smooth and seamless, as if nothing ever happened to it. While there may still be a physical dent to your car’s body, the freshly renewed paint will distract attention from the damage and restore your car’s appearance from battered to brilliant. The memories of the dent that ruined your paintwork will soon be long gone!

Check out how effectively Chipex repair paint can cover serious paintwork damage, and imagine how it could soften the blow of your car’s dent to the point where most people won’t even notice it any more.

If you would like any information about our Chipex kits, or how they work, please read our FAQs, or head over to our Blog for more brilliant tips and tricks that will make your car look awesome.