Car Colour Code | Chipex

If you’ve made the choice to use a Chipex kit to take care of car paintwork damage yourself – first of all, well done, good decision. Secondly, you may be wondering how you’re going to be able to match your touch up up paint to your car’s paintwork. It’s all well and good taking care of paintwork damage, but if the paint doesn’t match exactly, you’re back to square one, and your car still doesn’t look its best.

Luckily, Chipex are able to make 100% sure that the paint you use in your touch up kit matches your existing paintwork. When you purchase a Chipex kit, there are two ways you can select the paint you need, and ensure it is exactly the right car colour code.

Option 1 – Get your exact paint code from the manufacturer

To make completely sure that the paint you buy for your kit matches the car, why not go straight to the source of all your car knowledge – the manufacturer? Chipex have made it easy for you – simply enter your registration number into the bar on our colour code’ page, and we’ll instantly let you know the contact details you need to find out your exact car colour code.

This way, there will be no worrying about having two completely different shades going on and you can be assured that the colour you’re using is the the same as the one originally used by the makers.

Option 2 – Use our colour code location guide

You may already have the information you need to match your car paint – you just don’t know it yet! Many car models will have the car colour code documented somewhere on the body, and once you can find this, you’ll know the exact shade you’re looking for. If you don’t know where to start looking for this paint code, Chipex can help you out. Also on our colour code’ page, you can type in your car’s make or manufacturer, and you will instantly be shown a list of instructions of where on the car the code will be, for different models of that car make.

So you won’t have to hunt around your car for hours looking for a tiny bit of writing – you can go directly to the spot, make a note of the car colour code, and then place your order!

There is secret option number 3…you already know your paint code. In this case, give yourself a pat on the back for being so organised, and order that shade!

Chipex has put all of these systems in place to ensure that once you’ve committed to improving the look of your car, nothing will hold you back. Find the shade you need easily and quickly, so you can focus your attention on getting your car looking its best again. If you need any more help with finding your car colour code, please contact us.