Repairing your bumper paint perfectly with a Chipex Kit

Don’t let ruined bumper paint spoil your car’s paintwork

VW Polo before Chipex touch up paint

The trouble with bumper paint is that it’s the area of your car that is most likely to feel the burden of paintwork damage – and there’s a high probability that immediately after you’ve put the work in, it’ll be scuffed or chipped again straight away. However, taking pride in your car’s appearance means making sure that every area of its paintwork is looking its best – and that includes the bumper. Keeping on top of bumper paint repair can be an ongoing battle, but the effort is definitely worth it…

Why is your car’s bumper paint more likely to need repairing than other areas?

If there’s a specific area of your car that is likely to need repainting or to be touched up, it’s the bumper. There are a few reasons for this;

  • The bumper is the part of your car closest to the road, so it’s most likely to be on the direct receiving end of any collisions – major or minor – that you get into.

  • Your bumper definitely won’t be looking their best once you’ve had your car out on the road for a while. Even if you’re the most careful driver in the world, bumper paint becomes worn down through time as it picks up all of the dirt and debris from the road.

A Chipex car paint touch up kit is such a life saver for lots of reasons, and one of them is the way it works brilliantly on every area of your car. So, you can use your paint repair kit to touch up bumper paint damage.

Here’s why using your Chipex kit to repair bumper paintwork damage is such a brilliant idea…

VW Polo after Chipex touch up paint after

You’ll never have to rely on a third party ever again, and you can rest assured that your time and money will never be wasted in large amounts again.It’ll let you get started on the repainting whenever you notice any damage, so you can choose when you want to do it – whether that’s as soon as you notice it, or if you let it build up for a while.

  • If you are the type of person who wants every part of their car (bumper included) in top shape at all times, having your respraying done by a professional would be massively costly. Not to mention the fact you’d be in the garage all the time! Being able to touch up paintwork damage in your own home cuts out that expense.

We have to be honest, if you want to touch up your car’s bumper paint whenever you notice any damage, you might be finding it’s a weekly task! But that’s the beauty of having a kit that enables you to do it at home; if that’s how often you want to touch up the paint, you’re perfectly able to.

There’s no shame in wanting to keep every surface of your car looking as good as it possibly can – even if some areas might take a bit more upkeep. Follow our step by step guide of exactly how to use our Chipex kits to ensure your paintwork repair looks perfect, and find your 100% colour matched repair paint here.