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Ford vs Ferrari: Which is the most desirable brand worldwide?

by Neil Allen /

ford ferrari world map

If you could choose between a Ford or a Ferrari, what would you pick? If the search engine stats are anything to go by, many countries are more inclined to search for Fords than Ferraris. However, recent research into who searches for each brand the most is quite revealing. 


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The USA Searches Ford More Than Anyone Else


When it comes to searching for Ford vehicles, the USA are the top searchers. In fact, the USA are searching both the brand names ‘Ford’ and ‘Ferrari’ more than anyone else, with Ford winning out. 


The reason that the US is searching the brands more than anyone else could be due to their high population and affluence. Plus, the US have an emerging economically active group who are more likely to lease than to buy, meaning that the automotive economy is growing with people changing their vehicles more regularly. On top of this, the USA is the birthplace of the Ford Motor Company, which explains its popularity in searches at 1,200,000.


India & Brazil Like Ferrari, UK & France favour Ford


After the US, the countries that are most likely to search for ‘Ferrari’ are India and Brazil, with both having an average of 135,000 searches. In India, the Ford brand falls behind searches for Ferrari quite heavily, with around half the average searches. However, in Brazil it’s more like a quarter of the average searches compared to Ferrari, with 30,100.


In countries like Turkey, the UK and France the balance is much more Ford heavy, with plenty of searches for Ford and around half the amount for Ferrari. The UK sees 201,000 searches for Ford compared to 90,500 for Ferrari, which isn’t massively surprising considering that Ford consistently tops the list of the most popular cars in the UK, with the Ford Fiesta being the nation’s favourite car. 


Europe Searches Ford More Frequently


European countries are more likely to search for Ford than Ferrari, with almost all of them having more searches for Ford. Of the European countries, Ford often comes out on top with countries like Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal and Belgium all seeing far more searches for Ford than Ferrari. 


Meanwhile, the same can’t be said for Asia, with many countries in Asia tending to search more for Ferrari over Ford. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore seeing more searches for the Ferrari brand. 


Globally Ford Searches Nearly Triple Ferarri


According to Veygo Data Ford is a much more frequently searched brand globally compared to Ferrari. Ford came third in their research on the most searched car brands globally. Their searches came in at 6,420,410 whilst Ferrari was 2,430,970. Both brands fell behind the two most searched brands in the world – Toyota and Honda, with Ford coming in a close third.


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