Anti-Fog for Cars | Chipex

Making sure you have some kind of system in place to anti-fog your car is a necessity during the Winter months

At this time of year, when there is a noticeable chill in the air, when the mornings become mistier and rain is always even more likely than usual, it can be a difficult time for drivers. Driving in the cold weather is never fun, and it brings with it a whole host of challenges. Icy roads, frozen engine, and most irritating of all; fogged up windscreens.

This is inevitably something that happens to cars on a daily basis during the Winter. Very cold air will cause your immobile car’s windscreen to fog up overnight, and when you get in the car to drive every morning, you’ll face a long, freezing wait while you blast your car heater and wish the fog would disappear more quickly! And there’s no way of getting out of it; you absolutely must always make sure that the fog has been removed from your windscreen before you set off, as driving with an obscured windscreen is against the law.

That is exactly why you need an anti-fog for your car

Of course, you could just continue to anti-fog your car using the above method; tire out your car’s heater every morning by switching them on full blast and wait for what feels like an age as the fog slowly disappears. This undoubtedly works (there’s a reason so many of us are willing to put ourselves through the frustration every morning!) but it’s not the most time efficient way of dealing with the situation. In a dream scenario, we would all get into our car on a Winter’s morning and just be able to drive off straight away!

There are tonnes of anti-fog products on the market, and they usually work by coating your windscreen in an invisible film that will stop the cold air and glass reacting – therefore, stopping the fog occurring. Whichever you choose, it’s worth doing a test run first to make sure it really does work; it would be a nightmare to wake up in the morning expecting to see a completely clear windscreen, only to actually find one just as foggy as the day before!

Whichever way you choose to anti-fog your car, please make sure you treat it as a priority during the Winter months and don’t become complacent – driving with a distracting screen will only lead to potential paintwork damage, and it might be nice to give your Chipex kit a break during this season!