Alloy Wheel Protection | Chipex

Protecting your alloy wheels will always be a big concern

If you are a lucky person whose car is fitted with alloy wheels, we bet they’re your pride and joy! Alloy wheels really add a sense of style and sophistication to a car, and they’re the envy of anyone who drives past you and spots them!

They’re an investment, and one that deserve to be looked after properly; for them to impress everyone who sees them, they need to be in top condition. And if your paintwork is always looking amazing thanks to you using our Chipex car paint touch up kit, you want every other area of your car to match.

Looking after alloy wheels takes a little bit more time, care and attention to detail than ordinary wheels, but you know they’re worth the effort. Once they’re clean and tidy, they’ll be without a doubt the focal point of your car!

How should you protect your car’s alloy wheels?

Firstly, we imagine that if you do have alloy wheels on your car, you’re definitely more careful when you’re driving and parking than you were before! This is a good start, as keeping your alloy wheels out of harm’s way means they are less likely to suffer from any damage or major dirt. However, it is inevitable that alloy wheels will, at some point get dirt and need a clean, so here are some things to keep in mind to get them looking as great as your Chipex-treated paintwork does…

You need to make sure that dirt and debris is removed from your wheels first.

You’ll be using a specific alloy wheel cleaner to treat your wheels, but first you need to gently wash them with a hosepipe, to make sure that any debris is removed. If you don’t do this, when you apply the specialist treatment, it’s far more likely to scratch your alloy wheels or smear the dirt around, taking you back to square one.

Make sure your wheel cleaner is totally non acidic and use gentle brushes and cloths.

This seems obvious, but if you use an acidic wheel cleaner on alloys, you will totally ruin them, they will become dull and they may even rust. Then, make sure any brushes or clothes you use are gentle, so they don’t scratch the metal – our Microfiber cloth is an excellent place to start.

Keeping your alloy wheels as fresh as your car paintwork does require a little bit of effort, but it’s certainly worth it for the attention your car will receive when they’re looking their best!