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Find out everything you need to know about acrylic car paint

It’s usually not until you have a problem with your paintwork that you even become aware of car paint; the different types of car paint, the different methods of application, and the pros and cons of each type. Up until that point, unless you are a car enthusiast, you may not have given the issue much though. So when you suddenly have some paintwork damage that is causing a nasty blemish to your beloved car’s surface, you can become very interested in types of car paint and what that means for you – you’ll do almost anything to get your car back to looking its best again!

If your car is a relatively older model, it’s very likely that it will be coated in acrylic car paint. For a long time, this was the most popular paint used for cars, and while in recent times manufacturers have moved away from using acrylic car paint, older cars on the road still show how prominent this material was back in it’s heydey. If your car is older and you’re notice that paintwork damage occurs quite often. That could have a lot to do with the acrylic car paint originally used.

It’s a huge bonus that acrylic car paint is no longer used!

Acrylic car paint was infamous for chipping away easily, and also for leaving behind a dull finish to most cars it was applied to. That being said, we haven’t completely said goodbye to acrylic car paint.

While it’s no longer ever used alone, most cars manufactured nowadays are coats withtwo pack paint’, which is a mixture of an acrylic based paint and a hardening agent. This means that most cars still benefit from the strong colour pigment of acrylic, but the addition of a hardening agent ensures the quality and durability of the paint is hugely increased. Most cars nowadays will be painted with this two pack paint, and it’s a lot easier to keep in excellent condition; our Chipex touch up paint kits work perfectly over this kind of surface.

So if your car is an older model that’s especially prone to paintwork damage, it’s likely that the acrylic car paint is to blame – so make sure your Chipex kit is all stocked up and ready to use whenever you need it!

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